Proteinated Minerals based on Enzyme Hydrolyzed Proteins

Soychel Series

Smart Mins SC Zinc 21% Soluble Amino acid Complexed Zinc 21%
Smart Mins SC Copper 21% Soluble Amino acid Complexed Copper 21%
Smart Mins SC Iron 15 % Soluble Amino acid Complexed Iron 15%
Smart Mins SC Manganese 21% Soluble Amino acid Complexed Manganese 21%
Smart Mins SC Cobalt 15 % Soluble Amino acid Complexed Cobalt 15%
Smart Mins SC Chromium 5 % Soluble Amino acid Complexed Chromium 5%

*Proteinates/complexes of Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Calcium, Selenium, Boron, etc

Biocal-Liquid Calcium For Dairy & Poultry

Liquid Nutritional Supplement for Dairy Cows, Sheeps, Goats for successful start into lactation. BIOCAL is Liquid Complexed calcium to provide dairy cows,buffaloes with all the components need for a successful beginning of lactation.The Calcium is in highly available form.

Proteinates Water Soluble: Water Soluble Organic Minerals

Our range of Amino Acid Chelated Minerals / Complexes are Highly Effective Organic Minerals produced by Patented Process. We offer Three Types of Organic Minerals depending on the End Use. The range comprises of the following products.

Smart Mins are the Smart Superior range of Organic Trace minerals that have been specially formulated to take care of trace mineral deficiencies in ruminants, particularly dairy cows. The technology used to create these products is among the most advanced in the industry.

Excellent Absorption: Smart Mins Organic Trace Minerals go directly into the blood stream, enhancing rumen microbial activity leading to improved digestive performance.

Smartmins WS: 100% Water Soluble Proteinates, Amino Acid Chelates, Complex Smartmins WS Series:
SmartMinsWs Zinc 12%/20% Soluble Zinc Proteinate /Amino Acid Chelated Zinc 12% & 20%
Smart Mins WS Manganese 12% /20% Soluble MN Proteinate /Amino acid Chelated Manganese 12%/20%
Smart Mins WS Copper 12%/20% Soluble Copper Proteinate /Amino acid Chelated Copper 12%/20%
Smart Mins WS Iron 12%/20% Soluble Iron Proteinate /Amino acid Chelated Iron12%/20%
Smart Mins WS Cobalt 5/10 % Soluble Cobalt Proteinate /Amino acid Chelated Cobalt 5%/10%
Smart Mins WS Selenium 1/2/5% Soluble Selenium Proteinate /Amino acid Complexed Selenium
Smart Mins WS Chromium 5 % Soluble Chromium Proteinate /Amino acid Chelated Chromium 5/10%

Organic Minerals: Organic Minerals With Specific Amino Acids

Smartmins SC: 100% Water Soluble Organic Trace Minerals/Complexes Based On Amino Acids:Smartmins SC Series:
SoyChel Zinc 10/15% Zinc Proteinate 15%
SoyChel Copper 10/15% Copper Proteinate 10/15%
SoyChel Iron 10/15% Iron Proteinate 10/15%
SoyChel Manganese 10/15% Manganese Proteinate 10/15%
SoyChel Cobalt 5/10 % Cobalt Proteinate 5/10%
SoyChel Selenium 1/2/5 % Selenium Proteinate 1, 2, 5%
SoyChel Chromium 5 % Chromium Proteinate 5%
SoyChel Calcium 10% Liquid Calcium Proteinate Calcium 10%.