Understanding Peptone and Its Various Industrial Applications

Microbiological studies account for a major segment of scientific researches carried out in the world. Some of the crucial microbiological experiments lead to significant findings, thus creating newer avenues for scientific innovations. One of the integral parts of such experiments is the cell-culture process, where microorganisms are grown and developed for several observations. However, the successful execution of such experiments would be a distant dream without a proper cell-culture media. It is this media that facilitates the entire process of cell-culture and helps scientists discover the recent genetic diversities in plants and animal cells.

Therefore, there is no denying the significance of a proper media in the cell-culture experiments. Considering the paramount importance of culture-media, it also becomes highly essential to get knowledgeable on the major ingredients present in it.

While searching for the main constituents present in culture-media, you will surely come across protein hydrolyzate, extracts, infusion and most importantly Peptone. All these constituents together, account for the vitamin and nitrogen content in culture media.

Importance of Ingredients

As the media happens to be of paramount significance in the performance of microbiological experiments, there is a need for purchasing them from authentic and trusted manufacturers in the market. Especially, when it boils down to getting peptones for scientific breakthroughs; associating with the leading manufacturers turns out to be a necessity.

Trusted suppliers like SUBONEYO Chemicals Pharmaceuticals (P) Limited will prove to be your best partners, in this context. Their top quality peptones and other microbiological ingredients have fetched them the title of the market-leading suppliers.

Significance of Peptones

With such great significance and importance, peptones are one of the most crucial elements of culture media. Quite inevitably, it finds application in some of the essential experiments across industry verticals. Without peptones, it will be quite difficult to draw inferences from your scientific investigations, as there will be an incomplete growth of microorganisms within the culture media. And this property of peptones makes their application necessary in the scientific research sector.

However, before delving deep into the nuances of its implementation, it will be judicious to develop some idea of its properties.

The Process of Peptone Extraction

Peptones are obtained or rather derived through the process of hydrolysis. The preliminary source of the ingredient is proteins, and there is another process used for obtaining the constituent. Other than hydrolysis, it is also possible to get peptone by digesting the source ingredient containing it. Common materials in this context are fish and meat.

Another source of peptone production is the bovine tissues. By digesting these tissues enzymically, you can extract peptides along with peptones.

Animal Origin Peptones

Peptones are derivatives of protein, and that can be from various origins. The peptones commonly used in the scientific experiments are mainly from two principal sources. You get peptones from animals as well as plant protein. Plan your purchase with the top suppliers in the market and you will get peptones, processed with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. Some of the most common animal-origin peptone varieties available in the market include:

  • Bacteriological Peptone
  • Tryptose
  • Tryptone
  • Pancreatic Digest Of Casein
  • Casein Peptone
  • Meat Peptone
  • LactalbuminHydrolysate
  • Acid Hydrolyzate of Casein Tech/Pure
  • Meat Extract Powder
  • Proteose Peptone

Plant Origin Peptones

Apart from these, the leading manufacturers will also stock peptones derived from plant proteins. Some of the popular varieties used in experiments are:


Understanding the Industrial Applications

With such diverse varieties and features, peptones find application in a range of scientific research industries. Some of its industrial applications are:

  1. Peptones facilitate the growth of fungi and bacteria in the nutrient media. Additionally, it also helps to detect microorganisms.
  2. Apart from that, peptones find widespread application in the cell-culture, fermentation and diagnostics industries.
  3. By aiding in microbiological experiments, peptones are also widely used in the molecular and microbiological studies and researches.

Organic Manure Application: Enhancing Soil Quality like Never Before

Agriculture happens to be a key segment of a country’s economy. Therefore, it is imperative to boost agricultural growth to enhance the country’s revenue. Now, there are quite a few requisites in this regard. Successful farming and crop plantations require top-quality soil. Remember, it is the quality of the soil that directly affects the health and growth of the crops. So, farmers and cultivators stand no other chance but to enhance the quality of their agricultural land. And it is here that they feel the need of organic manure.

Strengths of Organic Manure

By improving the quality of your farming land in a sustainable manner, organic fertilizers enjoy a competitive edge over their chemical counterparts. As the desired result, cultivators will be at the receiving end of some amazing benefits. The principal advantage of utilizing organic manure is its non-toxic nature.

By applying green manure, you will be saving your piece of land from the hazards of chemical fertilizers. Quite naturally, the crops growing in that particular area will be completely free of toxic chemicals. So, there is no denying the fact that these crops will ensure nothing but good health. Apart from that, organic manure is your key to preserving the structural integrity of the soil. And it further strengthens the soils’ nutrient-holding power.

Gaining profound knowledge on the various aspects of organic manure will lead to the perfect application of the same. More specifically, it is essential to get knowledgeable on the scientific aspects of green manure. Follow this article, as it sheds light on some of the major scientific aspects of organic fertilizers.

Gauging the Positive Aspects

The presence of atmospheric nitrogen plays a key role in determining the quality of the soil. And what better than organic manures can be the primary source of atmospheric nitrogen. However, it is important to note the application time of the manure. The process of green manure application must take place after tilling the cover crops.

Enriches the Soil
Enriches the Soil

Apart from nitrogen, there are several other factors determining the quality of the soil. The presence of certain microorganisms proves to be highly beneficial for enhancing soil health as well as fertility. Organic manures facilitate the biological processes taking place within the layers of the soil. As the inevitable consequence, the soil gets enriched to support numerous crops. And the quality of the produced crops is also quite high.

Requires Low Investments

In comparison to its traditional chemical counterparts, organic manures require quite low investments. So, the farmer or cultivator gets the opportunity of investing generous amounts of finances in crop marketing, rather than completely spending them on manures. Other than that, the addition of biological nutrients to your soil is a great way of enriching it with organic constituents.

Knowing the Various Forms

Farmers can also combine peptide-based pesticides and green manure to produce healthy crops. And the application of organic fertilizer will make the entire process cost-effective and reliable. Gone are the traditional ways and methods of adding nutrients to the cultivable land. The present era heralds the availability various state-of-art technological innovations, used to offer the most effective organic nutrition to crops, during their growing period. Associate with the pioneering manufacturers of organic manures and get them in various forms. Suboneyo Chemicals Pharmaceuticals (P) Limited offers you a diverse stock of these products. Some of their offerings are:

organic manures

  • Hydrolyzed Proteins Fertilizer
  • Chelated Minerals
  • Amino Acid Chelated Minerals
  • Amino Acid Chelate
  • Amino Acid Biostimulant
  • Plant Hydrolysate
  • Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Amino Acid
  • Potassium Humate
  • Humic Acid
  • Fulvic Acid
  • Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder
  • Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Organic Certified Amino Acids
  • Seaweed Extract

Adding these ingredients to your farming land will inevitably boost your yield. And you will be better equipped to meet the needs of the market.

5 Best Scientific Advantages of Green Manure

Environmental Sustainability

Soil remains the top most requirements when it comes to healthy and profitable agriculture. Application of manure has become an important need to increase the beneficial properties for soil. Since ancient years fertility building process has been in usage though there may be difference in the use of ingredients. There are lots of advantages in this technology. Among them there are best ranges of benefits which remain most helpful for farming today.

Environmental Sustainability - 5 Best Scientific Advantages of Green Manure1. Fertility Management- Provide Maximum Fertilization Coverage

Green Manures can supply tons of free atmospheric nitrogen per acre to the top soil after the cover crop plants are tilled, mowed down or smothered. These are much safer and smart solution in the place of chemical fertilizers.

Fertility Management- Provide Maximum Fertilization Coverage2. Supplies Extra Organic Matter to Feed

One of the best advantages of using green manure is that it provided additional organic matter to feed and grow beneficial soil organisms for soil fertility and health. It helps or enhances the physical properties of soil from the positive perspective. The organic matter that is naturally present in farming land is also maintained with the help of green manure. The source of energy and food gets multiplied rapidly and the crops get good percentage of plant nutrition. The biological activity is increased considerably and it brings down erosion level.

Supplies Extra Organic Matter to Feed3. Cheaper and Easier concept to increase Productivity when compared to Traditional Chemical Manures

Traditional manures were used for general purpose requirements like crop yield, fertility, etc. It had been a long process for farmers of earlier days starting from collection of components to processing and application of manure on the farming land. Today, there has been great improvement shown in preparation as well as application of organic supplements to plants. Organic fertilizers or bionutrients are available in different ranges today. These can be used in combination with peptide based insect baits and pesticides, insecticides, etc to increase the results in healthy growing and productivity of crops. Compared to traditional methods, it is cheaper and reliable.

Cheaper and Easier concept to increase Productivity when compared to Traditional Chemical Manures

4. Improves Condition of Tilled Soil

When it comes to cultivation, more productivity advantages can be obtained if the soil fertility remains suitable for repeated planting and growth of crops. Adding organic nutrients play vital role in improving fertility of tilled soil in terms of absorbing nutrients from the lower layer and keep them in the surface level when ploughed and this again stays a suitable criteria for next cultivation cycle. It also stays very effective in terms of preventing nutrients getting into the lower layers.

Improves Condition of Tilled Soil

5. Increases Yield

One of the best advantages of adding organic nutrients for cultivation is that it increased crop yield by 15 to 20%. In addition the crop that comes outs with rich vitamins when grown in soil that is applied with fertility nutrients.

How to find the best Supplier?

Suboneyo Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd has been in the field of preparing supplementary products for plant and animal nutrients and other industrial processes supplies wide range of green manure such as humate series, seaweed series, amino acid series, amino acid chelate series, etc. These are all extractions from naturally existing resources which can be relied for safe usage.


Organic manures are environmentally sustainable and they work more effectively in combination with insecticides and pesticides. These are cheaper source of supplementary for plant growth when compared to traditional methods.

How Seed Coat Polymers Influence Cultivation?

Why Farmers have to find out factors to Influence Cultivation?

Several factors affect the growth of plants especially those plants which are depended on for their seeds like corn, dates, etc. There are certain sensitive issues present in seed germination which may affect delay the overall cultivation programs and final crop yield. Some of the serious issues that farmers worry about concerning untimely germination are,

  • Rapid seed germination
  • Salt-stress condition in agriculture
  • Early seeding growth
  • Increased germination events, etc

find out factors to Influence Cultivation

In order to prevent or restrict the above problems, farmers adopt alternative methods for seed priming. Most of the methods involve imbibing seeds within limited water and considerable hydration so that early germination can be restricted to considerable amount. In addition to that farmers had to consider factors which affect the efficiency of seed priming method so that it would be easier for them to determine a particular method.

Supplementary Methods to Enhance Growth

Seed coat polymer is one of the influential methods to bring germination within control and it is found to be of the subsequent methods which are analyzed for environmental conditions. It can be defined as one of the initial methods of adding chemicals to protect seeds from pathogens. In recent years this technology has been found to have received good reception among scientists and producers. They are of the observation that this technology helps farmers to maximize yield.

Supplementary Methods to Enhance Growth

Significance of Seed Coat Polymers

After several research studies the following benefits have been found in applying seed coat polymer as one of the effective methods to increase yield without causing hindrance to the plant. Some of the obvious advantages of this technology are,

  • Helps farmers for earlier planting of seeds.
  • Make use of optimum planting conditions with respect to the soil and climatic condition and the requirements of particular crop.
  • Slow down earlier germination and emergence.
  • Allows growing hybrid varieties with good yield.
  • Better performance of growth can be seed than uncoated seeds

How they work?

It is a better alternative for seed protection requisites. These polymers can be used along with insecticides as well as fungicides as it helps in better performance of the seeds. It works mainly for protecting seeds from early germination and stays a very effective protection feature at the early stage of crop development. In addition, polymers help to enhance the functional properties of pesticides and fungicides. These are available in different colors to be matched with the color of the seeds.

Suppliers of Seed Coat Polymers in India

Suppliers of Seed Coat Polymers in India

Suboneyo Chemicals Pharmaceuticals private Limited has been in the field of manufacturing varieties of chemicals and supplementary nutrients, seed coat polymers, peptone fermentation nutrients, construction chemicals and many more chemicals serving different industries. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying differed series of coating polymers for different crops like cotton, millet, bajra, sunflower, okra, ladies finger, tomato, chilly, etc.


Seed protection is an important requisite when it comes to proper cultivation. Application of seed coat polymers matching the seed variety and soil condition can provide good yield by protecting them from early germination.

Proteinates for Animal and Plant Health

How Proteinates Support Plant and Animal Growth?

Proteinates are organic compounds obtained through chelation of metallic irons and amino acids. These are extracted using different methodologies and added as plant and animal nutritious supportive ingredient.

Proteinates Support Plant and Animal Growth

Chelated Minerals

Chelated minerals are useful animal nutrition supplement and they protect the nutritious properties of animal feeds. They form a bond between organic molecule and metallic iron and preferred as a commercial animal feed ingredient.

Chelated Minerals

How processing Technologies Helps?

The extraction of particular element from the resources remains one of the significant aspects that help to obtain the purest form of raw materials for nutritional application. There are several technologies applied for the extraction process which depend on the kind of raw materials.

Know about the Varieties of Raw Materials

Bio-organic nutritional products are available rich in seaweeds, mineral nutrients chelated with amino acids, humates, etc. These are naturally available and contains rich nutritional features which can be aided for plant or crop growth and achieve excellent yield.

Bio-organic nutritional products

Soychel Series-Biocal-Liquid Calcium –Nutrition for Dairy and Poultry

Biocal is a liquid form of health supplement that contains complex calcium in liquid form. This ingredient is fed for dairy cows, buffaloes in order to obtain successful lactation.

Water Soluble Organic Minerals

Amino acid chelated minerals are organic minerals which are processed to be used as supplementary proteinates for animals. These are also called water soluble proteinates which help in fighting with mineral deficiencies in ruminants like dairy cows.

Water Soluble Organic Minerals and Smart Mins

Smart Mins – For Specific enhancement

Smart Mins are made by combining specific forms of amino acids and these are water soluble organic trace minerals. These are available with explicit nourishment requirements like zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, iron, manganese, cobalt, selenium, chromium and liquid calcium proteinate.

Protein Hydrolysates for Animals

Hydrolyzed protein is derived from reliable and superior quality protein present in organic elements and these are applied as additional feed in poultry, pig, aquaculture, etc. These are digested protein supplement which are processed through special technologies like vegetable protein and bacterial enzyme.

Protein Hydrolysates for Animals

Liquid and Powder Protein

Hydrolyzed protein is available in liquid and powder form. These are preferred as digested protein for animal poultry, livestock and pigs.

Advantages of Using Protein Feed

These ingredients contain excellent quantity of free amino acids, dipeptides and tripeptides and shows good solubility when mixed with water. Using them for feeding animals fetches you most favorable results in terms of increased growth rate and quantity and quality of meat.

Manufacturers of Proteinates

Suboneyo India is a leading and largest manufactures of bio organic products which are then used as nutritional supplement for veterinary and agricultural and fermentation requirements.

Seed Coating Polymers

For seed production, we provide seed coating polymers which can be applied with insecticides as well as fungicides. This product is available in customized specifications as per the agricultural requirement.

Seed Coating Polymers and Fermentation Nutrients

Fermentation Nutrients

Suboneyo also leads the role in manufacturing Peptones. These are produced from porcine and bovine tissue and can be applied as enzymatic digest for cultivating microorganisms.

First Manufacturer of Concrete Foaming Agent

When it comes to construction industry, we are the first producers and exporters of concrete foaming agent in India. It is applied in manufacturing of CLC bricks. We also provide natural origin foaming agent called Foamcrete that helps in producing high quality foam.

Cosmetic Ingredients

We provide Silk Amino acids and silk peptides which are obtained from natural silk. When these ingredients are mixed with skin care products, they provide certain amount of antioxidant action and leave skin soft.

Cosmetic Ingredients and Flavor Enhancers

Flavor Enhancers

We also export flavor enhancers and hydrolyzed protein flavor enhancers to be used as supplements for nutritional aspects in animals and organic plants.

Quality and Reputation

Our company has been equipped with excellent processing facilities and we give way for innovations in manufacturing methods to maintain our reputation in product quality and purity. We provide different forms of proteinates obtained from bio organic resources like seaweeds, and process the same to be added for animal feed and crop protection.


Proteinates are obtained by combining amino acids with metallic ions. These are organic products and serves best in the growth of ruminents and plants.

Different Types of Bio-Nutritional Products

Significance of Bio-Nutritional Products

Bio nutritional products are those that are extracted from organic resources present in the earth. These are of different types and applied for developing and increasing the efficiency of translocation of minerals within plants. Seaweeds, humates are prime among them from where nutritional materials are extracted.

Significance of Bio-Nutritional Products

Seaweed Extract Technologies

Careful extraction of liquid bio extract organic manure in presence of lactobacilli media provides better organic product and this helps for quick bio availability in plant tissue. This method is applied to extract organic manure from both seaweed vegetable and animal origin products.

Seaweed Series

Seaweed Series are available in soluble powder and liquid format such as Sea grow WS, Sea Grow Liquid extract with 33% and sea amino. These are very helpful to increase nutritive content for bacteria present in soil.

Seaweed Extract Technologies

Amino Acid Series

Amino acid organic fertilizers helps to decrease nitrogen deficiencies in plants as amino acid aided plants get adequate amount of nitrogen and stay healthy. This product is available in nutritional compositions like amino acid with hydrolyzed proteins.

Seaweed Series

Amino Acid Chelateseries

Liquid Amino acid chelated multi minerals are available in different combinations to enhance healthy agricultural aspects.

Amino Acid Chelateseries

Peptide Based Insect Baits to protect Crops from Diptera

Biobait is an interesting ingredient that is applied widely to protect crops from Diptera and other insects and can be applied along with insecticides.  These are advisable supplementary for citrus, olives and stone fruits.

Humate Series

Humus contains organic natural humic acid, potassium humate and fulvic acid which helps in restoring the natural balance of soil. These are found in farm yard manure and compost and processed to be used for increasing soil capability.

Producing Organic Nutritional Supplements

Suboneyo Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is one among the leading manufacturers of Amio Acid Minerals in India. Our dedication towards patented processes and expertise team of professionals has led us to become a pioneering industry in the production of bio-nutritional products.

On the Lead Role of Manufacturing Genuine Ingredients

When it comes to bio organic products our prime raw material remains seaweeds and hydrolyzed protein. We apply them in the production of nutritional supplementary products for animals, agricultural requirements for growing healthy and organic crops, fermentation and variety of products.

Bio Technology Based Organic Products

Suboneyo India is the largest manufacturer of biotechnology based Bio Organic Products. With state-of-the-art manufacturing capability and competing attitude in producing more and more organic supplements, we stay one among the very few leading manufacturers in India.

Superior Research Guidance in Manufacturing Technology

We work under the perfect guidance of our mentor Dr rer.nat.S.M.Chaudhary, an experienced Scientist, whose in-depth knowledge remains the torch to lead us to our mission.

Why to choose our products?

Scientists whose working experience as a scientist in several MNC’s is directing us to produce and supply finest quality of products and therein we are able to maintain our reputation since our inception with many reliable customers.


Bio organic products are obtained from natural resources and are processed in different methods to be added as supplementary sources for healthy agriculture.