Peptide Based Insect Baits


  • Insect Bait based on Hydrolysed proteins
  • Fly attractant for diptera pests of citrus,fruit and olive trees.
  • Advised to be used aliongwith insecticides.

BIOBAIT is useful in various crops that are affected by Diptera such as

  • Citrus (CeralitisCapitata)
  • Olives (BactoceraOleae)
  • Stone Fruits (CeralitisCapitata)

Ground application

  • Apply BioBait S through foliar spray at 0.5-1.5% (0.5-1.5 litter in 100 litter water) in mixture with the insecticide applied at the recommended dose.
  • Apply to the side of the tree oriented to the south or apply treating bands 25m. wide every 100m.